12. Windsurfing


Strong winds and the ocean don’t mix well for most people. As soon as a gust of wind would seem to appear, most would retreat and take shelter and wait for these gales to pass but only a windsurfer knows how mesmerising the ocean can be when paired with breathtaking winds! Windsurfing is an adventure sport made up of an amalgamation of surfing and sailing. A specially designed surfboard is attached to sail to help the surfer manoeuvre through the waves. Taking the adventure quotient a notch above sailing, windsurfing as a sport requires extreme agility, skill and body balance. Patented by a couple of lads from California, USA in 1970, the invention of the windsurf witnessed the birth of a brand new adventure sport. Windsurfing is now slowly but surely gaining popularity around the world and was recognized as an Olympic sport at the 1984 Olympic games in Los Angeles.

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