4. Snowboarding


You’ve heard of skiing and you’ve heard of skateboarding. But what if you could combine the two and instead of having small designated parks to show off your skateboarding stunts, you had the endless big mighty mountains and their massive snow-covered slopes instead? Yeah, that’s what snowboarding is about! It’s about gliding through that soft white fluff like nobody’s business, as your beloved snowboard swishes from left to right, cutting through the white frost and leaving a powdery trail behind.

Snowboarding is both a recreational and competitive sport. Like most other sports, it has a number of styles and ‘stunts’ that one can perform, including freestyle, jibbing, alpine snowboarding, free riding and slopestyle amongst some more. As fun as snowboarding may sound, it is also quite a risk to pick up your board and go gliding through fresh snow. Though the injuries related to snowboarding are double the rate of skiing, there is nothing a little bit of precaution, mixed with some refined training and lots of safety measures can’t fix!

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