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When the good ole surfboard gets too slow for your taste, you must give kite surfing a shot. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a variation of surfing which takes the adventure quotient up a few notches. The crazy love child of windsurfing, traditional surfing, paragliding with aspects of a couple of other board sports, kitesurfing is an extreme sport like which demands extreme fitness, high level of skill and agility and balance, unlike any other water sport. This nerve-wracking experience would satisfy the adventure enthusiast in you like no other sport will.

Imagine being suspended from an inflatable wing, while cutting through seawater balancing on a board. Enthralling, isn’t it! The larger atmosphere and wind pressure captured by the kite in proportion to the board generates high speed which is the primary virtue of this sport and puts it above any other watersport.

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Kitesurfing in India

With a massive coastline, some 7000 kilometres long, coupled with a peninsular shape, the eastern coastline of India receives strong winds ideal for this adrenaline-pumping sport. Though kitesurfing may not be as popular in our country as other sports like paragliding and jet skiing, India does see a considerable number of enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world flocking to these coastlines throughout the year to try their hand at the sport.


Kitesurfing Destinations in India

Kitesurfing as a professional and recreational sport is carried out throughout the Indian coastline but the ideal spots to do it depend on the flow and direction of the winds along the coast. Among the various kitesurfing venues in the country there are four major locations that attract the majority of the enthusiasts and professionals. Most kitesurfing spots would have private training schools with courses taught by professionals.



The Swami’s Bay area in Rameswaram is a hotspot for a number of water sports including kitesurfing and has a kite school as well called the Quest Academy. The wind season in the area lasts from June to late September every year. There are many kitesurfing spots on this island which is nestled in the Gulf of Mannar Marine Reserve making it a paradise for beginners and pro-riders.


The wind season in Manapad Lagoon starts from December to March and has an on coast kite school by the name Villa De Joseph. Manapadu is famous for its unique coastline made by deposits of lava along the beach over centuries. The wind speed varies from 20 to 30 knots above two majestic lagoons. The lagoon boasts of both shallow and flat water for kitesurfers to try boosting tricks and catching waves.


Kitesurfing is probably not the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear the word An unusual but popular kitesurfing spot, the area around the Bluebell Beach is most famous for its kitesurfing. The wind season here lasts from October to February every year. However, Dwarka lacks a formal club or institute for kitesurfing training.


If we talk about a watersport and not include Goa on the list, that would be just unfair on our part. The Mondego Bay area at Morjem is a hotspot for watersports including The wind season here lasts from September to May. There’s a kitesurfing school as well called Yogi Kiting and Vaayu which train eager minds in a number of watersports like surfing, and of course, .


Apex Body and Certification

Although National Institute of Watersports, Goa is the apex body in the country for all watersport certifications, they do not seem to have included any short or long term courses or training sessions for kitesurfing in their curriculum. Therefore, the International Kiteboarding Organization is considered the apex certification body when it comes to Kiteboarding in India.


Career in Kitesurfing

Although an unusual profession, professional kitesurfers can get into an array of fields including photography, journalism, and of course education. Apart from that, kitesurfers can even train to compete for national and international level championships.


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