13. Kitesurfing


When the good ole surfboard gets too slow for your taste, you must give kite surfing a shot. Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is a variation of surfing which takes the adventure quotient up a few notches. The crazy love child of windsurfing, traditional surfing, paragliding with aspects of a couple of other board sports, kitesurfing is an extreme sport like which demands extreme fitness, high level of skill and agility and balance, unlike any other water sport. This nerve-wracking experience would satisfy the adventure enthusiast in you like no other sport will.

Imagine being suspended from an inflatable wing, while cutting through seawater balancing on a board. Enthralling, isn’t it! The larger atmosphere and wind pressure captured by the kite in proportion to the board generates high speed which is the primary virtue of this sport and puts it above any other watersport.

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