Home of the mighty Ganges, saffron-clad sadhus and rafting opportunities, Rishikesh is the ultimate Indian getaway. The usual route most foreign backpackers take while exploring India is Delhi to Rishikesh followed by Varanasi, and rightfully so. Rishikesh is the hub of what makes India truly India. The explosion of smells from chaat shops, sounds from the evening aarti and colours from the bright colours in clothes and walls entice both domestic and foreign travellers to this special place.

Located in Uttarakhand in the Dehradun district, Rishikesh has often been called the “yoga capital of the world” and is also known as the “gateway to Garhwal Himalayas”. Regarded as one of the holiest places for Hindus, the sale of meat and liquor are banned here. The history of Rishikesh goes back to the time of Ramayana. It is said that Lord Ram came here for penance after killing Ravana, the king of rakshasas or demons. The famous Lakshman Jhula of Rishikesh is said to be the point where Lord Lakshmana crossed the River Ganga using two jute ropes.

There’s a lot to do here in this Garhwal town of Uttarakhand. First and foremost, it is important to talk about Rishikesh adventure sports. Thanks to the presence of the holy Ganga, the number of Rishikesh adventure tour packages have sprouted up. From kayaking to cliff jumping, and river rafting to rappelling, one can choose from a host of adventurous things to do in Rishikesh. Not only that, but Rishikesh now also has become a popular bungee jumping spot- perfect for all those adventure junkies out there! Other great activities for the Rishikesh adventure sports season include camping by the river, rock climbing, hiking and more.

Rishikesh adventure activities is not where the line gets drawn, but there are a ton of other activities you can do while in the holy city. From sunrise hikes to temple hopping, finding your spirituality and taking yoga lessons, visiting the iconic Beatles’ Cave, trying out various cafes and swimming in the many waterfalls around Rishikesh, there’s all this to do, and much more! Rishikesh is not for just one kind of traveller. The adventure enthusiasts, the pilgrim, the foodie, the spiritual traveller or the lazy bum- everyone can find their jam here and fall in love with this enchanting place!

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