Located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is a cantonment town in India, and also an important railway junction in North India. Kasauli was also an important town during the British rule. There are several activities in Kasauli, but the most famous places are churches and other British-era buildings that still hold the grandeur of an era bygone. One of the prime attractions in Kasauli is the Kasauli Brewery and Distillery, founded by the British General Reginald Dyer during the 1820s. It is the oldest extant distillery in Asia for scotch whiskey. Amongst other places, there are also two forts here from way before the time of the British that are worth a visit.

Adventure sports in Kasauli is another up and coming scene with a bunch of sports like river rafting, hiking, camping and paragliding to choose from. Other adventure activities in Kasauli include jungle walks, the ropeway and toy train ride. Kasauli is home to a few mesmerising day hikes which include Sunset Point, Gilbert Trail, Monkey Point and Timber Trail. Apart from these, Kasauli also has a few bars and really cool cafes that are worth checking out once there!


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