During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been locked at home- for our own safety and for the safety of others. But for some, being locked at home means being locked out of heaven. For those of us who get our energies from the outdoors, for those who have not known a life without gliding down snowy slopes or riding salty waves, it is important we do not lose our adventurous spirit. In this time of crisis, our physical health is not the only thing taking a hit. We must ensure to keep ourselves mentally fit as well.

While people all over the world are coming up with various methods to keep themselves engaged- from trying out new recipes to gardening, or learning a new instrument- we thought reliving our outdoorsy spirit through the virtual world of mobile games wouldn’t be half as bad considering we don’t have much going on in our lives anyway! So here is our list of top 13 adventure mobile games to play while on coronavirus lockdown, finished with our personalized EverOutdoor (EO) ratings!

1. Bike Unchained 2 (4.6/5)

Bike unchained

Bike Unchain 2 is an unmatchable MTB mobile game by Redbull Games. The game offers 5 different terrains to show off your biking skills at. The game allows users to race against other players in Downhill action or show off their best tricks in Slopestyle competitions. Players can even customize all parts of their bikes and new events and levels keep the competitive spirit strong. There are daily, weekly and special events for users to take part and stand a chance to grab sick prizes and titles!

Available On: Android and iOS

2. Kiteboard Hero (4.5/5)

kiteboard hero

As close to real like kiteboarding as it gets, Kiteboard Hero is a mobile game which is well suited for beginners and professionals alike. For the uninitiated, this game features a “Training Camp” where one can learn the fundamentals of this sport. The “Freeride” mode is best suited for the newbies who want to test their waters or the pros who want to practise their skills. The third and last “Challenge Mode” helps your competitive spirit with several increasingly difficult levels of kiteboarding. Other features of this game include different travel experiences like South Africa, Mauritius etc and different weather conditions, wind speeds and a variety of kites and boards to choose from!

Available On: Android & iOS (paid)

3. Virtual Regatta Inshore (4.4/5)

Adventure mobile games

Virtual Regatta Inshore is a great sailing app for all those who can’t stay away from the sea for too long! The game has got a whole fleet of dinghies, catamarans and cutting edge monohulls to choose from. The rules of sailing are adapted well for beginners to understand easily and with each race comes a different challenge to push your sailing skills and try to win the title of the best sailor!

Available On: Android & iOS

4. Ski Legends (4.3/5)

Ski Mobile games

Ski Legends is an excellent game to brush up on those ski skills- if only virtually. The game allows players to take part in slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill and can be played in a solo or multiplayer mode to compete against other players. There are also options to visit various ski resorts around the world and collect all kinds of ski assortments to level up and earn bragging rights!

Available On: Android & iOS

5. Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premier (4.3/5)

Snowboarding mobile game

Grand Mountain Adventure is a great skiing and snowboarding game for all the winter sports enthusiasts out there. In this crazy adventure, you can choose to cruise through the slopes, land big cliff drops or freeride steep chutes as per your wish. With multiple challenges and varied gameplay including Slalom, Big Air, Slopestyle etc, this game lets the player have full control over their style of skiing or snowboarding! The demo version of this game is free of cost, while users can purchase the full game that features all mountains and twin tip skis and board.

Available On: Android & iOS

6. Rocky Climb (4.2/5)

Rocky Climb mobile game

This game is perfect for those who made climbing their lifestyle- be it indoors or outdoors. Users have the option of customizing their characters. The more the player climbs, the more levels are unlocked. The game also has a feature where users can compete against other players to see if they have what it takes to be number one!

Available On: Android & iOS

7. Paragliding and Paramotor Sim (4.2/5)

Adventure mobile games

Paragliding and Paramotor Sim is a great game for the bird-humans who like it better in the sky than they do on land! Made with real-time terrain of New Zealand, this game is as close to soaring high in the sky during coronavirus as you can get. The game also includes options to enter thermals, go ridge soaring and cross country flying to make you feel as close to paragliding and paramotoring as possible!

Available On: Android

8. Climb! A Mountain in Your Pocket (4.2/5)

Mountain climbing mobile game

Climb! Is another great mobile game for rock climbing enthusiasts. With various controls to grab with your left hand and right, and to swing, jump and use momentum as you navigate your way through diverse rock formations, this is definitely a challenging yet extremely engaging game to find yourself climbing high mountains at the comfort of your house!

Available On: Android & iOS (paid but free version available on Android)

9. Kymi Kayaking (4.1/5)

Water mobile games

Kymi Kayaking is a mobile game for kayakers. It allows users to virtually paddle through the strong rapids of the Kymi River in Finland. The graphics look close to being real and with various hurdles along the way like a rock, waterfall or a piece of driftwood, things can get pretty challenging in there!

Available On: Android

10. True Surf (4.0/5)

Surfing mobile game

True Surf is World Surf League’s official surf game. Using real-world physics simulation and live weather forecasts, this game is as close to surfing as you can get virtually! With 6 characters to choose from, the player can level up by performing tricks and manoeuvres. As you level up, you get to unlock new travels like Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, South Africa and more. With new unlocked levels also come new gears to choose from and greater storms to perfect. Once you’re confident enough, you can even compete against other players at Live WSL competitions! While most features are free of cost, users can also opt for a monthly subscription to unlock some extra features.

Available On: Android & iOS

11. Kite Surfer

Kite surfing mobile game

Kite Surfer- as the name suggests- is a kitesurfing game. But what is even better is its super realistic graphics and sounds that take you right back to your sunny, carefree days. Users can choose between swiping on-screen or tilting the phone to control the game. The game features a number of obstacles like boats, rocks, piers that the player must avoid and earn as many points. Players can also choose from a number of power-ups including helmet, coin magnet, multiplier etc. to make the most of the game!

Available On: Android and iOS

12. Secret Agent Scuba Diving Underwater Stealth Game (3.8/5)

underwater mobile game

True, the name of this game can be a mouthful but playing it is a whole other experience! The plot of the game revolves around Agent Maxximus (the player) who was captured by the enemy where he learned that they are experimenting to take over the sea. The enemy is trying to use killer orca whale and great white shark horde to shoot torpedos that can dodge all US submarines. Agent Max must now use his expert diving skills to find the underwater enemy laboratory and destroy it. So you get to be a kickass diver and a super skilled 

Available On: Android

13. Wingsuit Simulator 3D: Skydiving Game (3.6/5)

Wingsuit mobile game

The Wingsuit Simulator 3D is perfect for those who love the adrenaline soar that comes with flying high up in the sky. This game is best experienced with Google’s VR platform Google Cardboard. Users need to jump and open their parachutes for a safe landing and ensure they don’t collide with buildings or other objects on their way. It’s a pretty decent game to get your days of sky diving back while you’re stuck at home thanks to coronavirus!

Available On: Android

2020 may not be the best time to be a hardcore adventure enthusiast with the coronavirus pandemic and everything, but thanks to modern age technology, the fear of missing out on the outdoors may not be as much. With these and other games on Android and IOS, we can try and get our practice going virtually- if not really!

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