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Once upon a time in the year 2018, three people from different educational and professional backgrounds with a common love for the outdoors decided to apply for the Basic Mountaineering Course together, in the booking and confirmation process of which quite a few problems and hassles were faced. Having spent almost a month in the vast open wilderness, learning core survival and climbing skills, they came back deeply enriched, but were left wanting more. Several brainstorming sessions over copiuous cups of chai later, the idea of EverOutdoor was born.

EverOutdoor envisions to transform adventure sports education in India. From learning about the history and technique of a certain sport, to finding a sport that matches your interest and capabilities, to zeroing in on one institute to take lessons, and to actually booking those lessons, EverOutdoor covers it all. We have partenered with premier institutions across the country to get over 14 sports on your table, with more on their way. We eliminate the need to research each sport, each course and each institute individually by doing that for you, and provide a seamless booking process to save you from the hassels that were faced by our founders.

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